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Do you ever feel as though you’re standing still, while the world is still moving? I love heels I could wear them everyday. I only own two pairs of athletic shoes so I’m practically without choice to wear them everyday. People look at me, they think I have it all together, they think I have it figured out. It’s laughable, honestly. They don’t understand the half of it. They would stumble, fall head first the moment they attempted to step in these heels.

Outfit Details:

Red & White Stripped Dress purchased at Loveculture- $17.90

Tan Caged Heels purchased at Forever21-$35.90

FitBit Blaze purchased from Amazon-$199.00

Fitbit Band Size Small purchased from Amazon-$10.99




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I’m 31 years old. I have loved writing since I was 12 years old. Writing poetry was my favorite pastime that eventually turned into me drafting a short story that I never showed anyone by the way. I started Latoyatalks as a way to begin my blogging journey. I’ve always wanted to write about my personal experiences, and to give advice to others surrounding education and beauty. These are all topics I enjoy and feel connected to. In the future I hope to grow latoyatalks to a website where people can come to find awesome advice, read some compelling stories about my life experiences that hopefully they take something from. Also to help families understand different techniques to educate and care for their family. While also touching base on my favorite beauty and fashion trends! I'm now on Youtube follow my journey there as well! - Latoya

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