Beauty Talk

Lately I’ve been on a bit of a false lash kick. My eyes are rather big and I’m finding that lashes really accentuate my face. Before last week I would tell you my favorite lash was the Ardel wispy lash. Now I must admit my new favorite lash came from the Eyelure collaboration with Youtuber Jasmine Brown. It is the Eyelure X Jasmine Brown lash in “Curly Queen”. This lash is gorgeous! It opens the eyes all while keeping the look natural and non dramatic. It’s very light on the eye and the band is really easy to work with for beginner lash applicators such as myself. If you know me you know I’m all about finding a inexpensive dupe to products that I really love. While the Eyelure lashes only run for $6.99 I still was on the search something a little more affordable. I follow a lot of Instagram boutiques and online beauty stores as I’m sure any beauty enthusiast does. Hence why my quest for affordable dupes really don’t take a lot of effort on my part if I’m being totally honest. is a online beauty store that I’ve previously used to buy lashes for $1.00! They previously only sold Kara brand lashes or the infamous blue container lashes predominantly found at beauty supply stores which are pretty good lashes but I’ve never been able to reuse any of those type of lashes. While scrolling instagram I noticed that shopmissA had recently started selling some new branded lashes. They look much like the Jasmine Brown lash by Eyelure so I had to purchase them to try them out these lashes also cost a $1.00. I was really excited to see if they held up or if they to were one time wear lash. The name of the lash is “Chloe” they are just as full and wispy as the Eyelure lash. The best part about these lashes are they feel more durable, and promote multiple uses. That makes me excited!!! This is just something I couldn’t hold in. While I will continue to buy the Eyelure Jasmine Brown lash while they are still available (I’m not sure if the collaboration is permanent or limited edition at this time) it’s also nice to know there is a more affordable lash that also gets the job done. Score for me 💃🏾❤️!